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Young researchers support program

The program is dedicated to researchers that still haven't obtained their PhD degrees. GEOLINKS offers the possibility to publish their papers for FREE for inclusion in the conference proceedings and in the electronic databases that GEOLINKS works with.

​The support program is initiated with the 2020 conference edition. Aiming to support and accelerate the scientific career of undergraduate students, which usually have difficulties in funding the publication of their own research. 

Reasons to join

1. Professional guidance and feedback from the scientific committee of GEOLINKS prior to accepting.

2. The research will be included in the printed and electronic copy of the conference proceedings with ISSN and ISBN numbers. The participant will receive an electronic copy of the full proceedings. Participant's research will receive a unique DOI number.  

3. The research will be submitted for evaluation and inclusion in the scientific databases, GEOLINKS is currently working with.

4. Participant's posters will be virtually presented and included in the conference program.

5.  You will be welcomed in the GEOLINKS growing scientific society with benefits in further collaboration. 


1. Only full papers prepared according to the GEOLINKS Publishing requirements are accepted for review.

2. Submission for the program should include the full paper and a short cover letter of the candidate. Submission are accepted on GEOLINKS e-mail.

3. Candidates should provide a valid student card and a verification letter from the university, after acceptance. 
4. The papers will be presented only as poster presentations, without conference participation at the venue.
5. Papers will be accepted for review by 12.04.2021.

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