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Proceedings 2020

All GEOLINKS 2020 participants get an online access to the full conference proceedings. 

You can find the full digital books, including all accepted and published double blind peer-reviewed papers.

GEOLINKS Proceedings

Book 1 Volume 2

​Air Pollution and Climate Change


Environmental Geology

Soil Science

Water Resources

GEOLINKS Proceedings

Book 2 Volume 2

Ecology and Environmental Studies

Environmental Economics

Green Buildings Technology and Materials

Green Design and Sustainable Architecture

Proceedings 2019

GEOLINKS Conference Proceedings 2019 are available online in GEOLINKS Online Library.

 You can find the digital books of abstracts to all accepted and published double blind peer-reviewed papers.

​To go to the page with the abstract you can click the Title from the Conference Table of Content.

Online Edition

17-18 May 2021

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