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Top 5 things to do in Athens

Updated: Oct 6, 2018

Participate at GEOLINKS Conference and visit Athens in one of the most preferable tourist months – end of March! Check our tips why you should visit Athens in this period and plan your trip.

1. The city charm

If you are visiting Athens for the first time, you will notice the different vibe the city owns. Locked in the footsteps of ancient Gods, sacred temples and the heritage of the city old as the world, Athens is always ready to welcome and surprise you with its beauties.

Athens is a collection of colorful and lively small neighborhoods, just like little charms, which highlight the history, art and vibe of the city.

You will be mesmerized by the neighborhoods full of small art galleries, ateliers, studios and gift shops and which keep and transform into art the ancient roots of the locals. You can stroll around the streets of Plaka and Anafiotika in the heart of Athens. The narrow lanes will lead you to pastel-colored houses which you will admire.

Other lively and buzzing neighborhoods, which you would love to discover, are Psyri, Kolonaki, Gazi-Kerameikos.

2. History of Ancient Greece

Athens is the symbol of the Hellenic history and here you can find some of the best preserved symbols of the ancient History.

Check our Social Program, which includes the must-see top locations as the Acropolis and the Museum of the Acropolis. Other places you can dive into the history are the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Panathenaic Stadium & Olympic Stadium, the Agora, National Museums and Galleries and lots more.

3. The cuisine and Greek flavors

Greek’s cuisine is world known and label which stands for traditions in the flavors, intransitive in time. For sure you’ve heard of the Greek Feta cheese, the moussaka and souvlaki, but it does need to be mentioned that when they’re made from local ingredients and local people they taste genuine.

Some of the best places to taste Greece are the city squares full of street food places and the lively food markets. Make sure to include in your plan Monastiraki square and the close FLEA market.

If you want to have a traditional Greek dinner in the company of the Conference’s leaders, organizers and committee, you can sign for Leaders Dinner on 27th of March.

4. The amazing weather, perfect for outdoor activities

Greek capital is warm and sunny city which temperatures can get really high in summertime. That’s why visiting in March is the perfect time for outdoor walks and city tours. The weather will give you the perfect conditions to walk around the city parks, gardens and to climb the hills, which will give you perfect viewpoints of Athens. Our top list for outdoor walks are the Lycabettus Hill, which is the highest point in the city, rising at 270 m above it. Other interesting hills are Hill of the Nymphs, Areopagus Hill and Filopappos Hill. We don’t need to mention Acropolis Hill wich is a must-visit and is included in the Social Program for all conference participants!

The city parks are oases with unique species, great land shaft architecture and beautifully designed parks. You can lost in the beauty of the National Gardens and the Zappeion Gardens which are really close to the Conference’s Venue – Novotel Athens.

5. A world full of Art

You will notice the talented greek people. The city is always throbbing with the pulse of fine arts, contemporary exhibitions and applied arts. If you are an art lover for sure you’ll find the right form of it in Athens music concert halls, art galleries and exhibition places.

Ancient arts are preserved and can be seen in almost any history museum, so you can divine of the craftsmanship and skills of the Hellenic world.

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