Scientific Committee &

Editorial Board

Meet the Scientific Committee of GEOLINKS 2020

Assoc. Prof. Jozef Martinka, Slovenia

Assoc. Prof. Aleksander Ivanov, Russia

Assoc. Prof. Ligia MOGA, Romania

Assoc. Prof. DSc. Nitoi Dan, Romania

Prof. DSc. Volodymyr Pohrebennyk, Ukraine and Poland

Prof. DSc. Ibrahim Krasniqi, Kosovo

Assoc.Prof. Zeynel Fuat Toprak, Turkey

Prof. Rada Joan, Romania

Assoc. Prof. DSc. Giuseppe Sappa, Italy

Prof. Dimitris Osmeni, Greece

Assoc. Prof. Uwe Mack, Germany

Assist. Prof. Tom Goediche, Germany

Assist. Prof. Hristina Kastrati, Greece

Alexandros Tasth, Greece

Andrey Zumbroich, France

Assoc. Prof. Detelin Dimitrov, Bulgaria

Takacs Ildiko-Csilla, Romania

Assist. Prof. Laura Garcia, Spain

Assist. Prof. Adonis Lenis, Greece

Lennidas Mousauku, Greece

Established in 2018, GEOLINKS combines the talents and perspectives of its participants and members to promote the professions in Environmental Sciences and enhance career development through specialty scientific conferences, publications, networking, and coalition building and task-forces and leadership on emerging issues.

Imperial Hotel

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

5-7 October 2020

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