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A trip to remember

A picturesque trip to the heart of the marvelous Rhodope mountain, we will visit a fortress from the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and a legendary sacred monastery. 

Asen's Fortress


After pick up from the hotel, we will head south to Asen's Fortress situated on the top of a cliff in Rhodope Mountain. There we will see the remarkable remains of King Ivan Asen’s Fortress – a wise ruler of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. In the complex, there is an ancient church dating from the 13-th century painted with some authentic pieces of iconography.

At the top of the fortress, we will enjoy an awesome 360 degrees panorama all over the Rhodope Mountains, Asenovgrad town, The Thracian Valley and the imposing Balkan Range with its highest Botev Peak in the far distance. Admire this medieval building and breathtaking views across the valley. 

Bachkovo Monastery


Next, we will go deeper into the lovely Rhodope Mountains towards the picturesque Bachkovo Monastery. The cloister is the second largest in Bulgaria, founded in 1083 and one of the most sacred places in Bulgarian history. Inside the monastery, we will visit the main church of the Virgin Mary built in 1604 where a valuable icon of Saint Mary from 11-12th century AD is being kept. According to the legend and the big number of healed people this remarkable icon is believed to be miracle-working. Attached to the Virgin Mary church we see the Archangels Church dating to the 12th century.


The monastery refectory is another jewel in the complex which has preserved colorful murals from 1643. Together with the Doomsday fresco, we witness the images of some prophets, saint-monks, ancient philosophers and writers such as Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and many more. The panoramic mural painting on the outside wall of the refectory represents a bird’s eye view of the monastery with all the surrounding buildings from 1807. This is the biggest scenic mural on the Balkan Peninsula! In the second monastery yard, we finally visit Saint Nikola church built between 1834 and 1837.

Imperial Hotel

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

5-7 October 2020

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