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Best Paper Awards and 

Paper evaluation

All papers published in the GEOLINKS Conference proceedings were evaluated based on the scientific research in the different topic. The criteria for evaluation are:

  • Topic, introduction, main body, conclusion, clear statement of the topic, methods of research, statement of the problem, vital and clear conclusion

  • Language and utterance

  • The papers have been evaluated by sections from two members of the GEOLINKS review board and it has been kept in mind the expertise of the author and his scientific level


All participants at the spot will receive three nomination forms will the registration package. Every participant is stimulated to fill out a NOMINATION FORM and put their vote in the ballot boxes.

The results for conference best papers will be made based on the pre-evaluation of the scientific text and the nomination forms from the audience for the paper presentation at the spot.

The results for best papers will be announced by sections and differ from PhD Student or Lecturer form of participation on the official awarding and closing ceremony.  The authors of the awarded papers will receive a Certificate for Best conference paper.

The scientific sessions will be led by GEOLINKS team representative, who will be responsible for introducing the speaker, keep the time tracking for the presentation and invite the audience for questions after the presentation.

Before the day session program start Conference Team representative will inform you in case of any occurred changes.

Awards 2019


Awarded during the first GEOLINKS Conference in Athens, Greece, for their papers and presentations were (from left to right of the photo):

PhD Student Eduard Nastase, Romania, with the oral presentation of the paper "Interoperability of different GNSS data post-processing methods, PPP, DD & MIDAS and testing combined solution on stations of different existing networks at Romania national level"

Assoc. Prof. Piotr Cheluzska, Poland, with the poster presentation of the paper "Experimental identification of the dynamic load of conical picks during the cutting process of transverse cutting heads of boom–roadheader"

Mrs. Dina Panyukova, Kazakhstan, with the oral presentation of the paper "Holarchy theory for small-sized power grids" 

Dr. Aleksandar Nakhutin, Russia, with the oral presentation of the paper "Chronological analysis of land pollution in Russia by long-lived radionuclides" 

PhD Student Irina Gaivoronskaya, Russia, with the oral presentation of the paper "Protein compositions on the base of plant based proteins with balanced amino acid composition". The award was received by Dr. Valentina Kolpakova - on the photo. 

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