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Types of presentation

Oral Presentation

Lecturers, Co-Lecturers and PhD Students

Every Lecturer, Co-Lecturer and PhD Student, who wants to present their research paper as Oral presentation shall prepare their oral presentation and send it to the team prior the conference or give their presentation on USB stick or CD to the conference team at the registration desk. All in-person attendees shall send their presentation together with their short scientific biography, with which they want to be presented at the conference.

Virtual Lecturers 

Each Virtual Lecturer who wants to present their research paper as Oral presentation, shall choose between recording himself the presentation (voice over) and send it to the organizing committee or to benefit from appointed time slot with the organizing committee of GEOLINKS for presenting and recording his presentation.

If you choose to record your presentation with the GEOLINKS team, you will have appointed virtual meeting in the period of 14th July and 25th July 2023. The time slot will be used so every presenter can record their presentation using Skype or Teams application. Тhe presentation will be made only in front of one of the team members. The organizing team will assemble all presentations in accordance to the conference program. If you choose to record the presentation by yourself, please note that we shall expect your voice over and your ppt until 15th July 2023. Voice over can be recorded directly to the presentation or sent in a separate file.

Requirements for virtual presentation:

  • Laptop with headset/ Desktop with Webcam and Microphone/headset

  • Updated Chrome Browser

  • Bright and calm environment with a professional background

Poster Presentation

Lecturers, Co-Lecturers, Virtual Lecturers and PhD Students

Poster Presentation is a visual way to showcase your science work without oral presentation of the content.  Posters will be presented at the venue as per the conference program. All poster presentations will be also uploaded on the conference website according to the scientific program. All poster sessions will be accessible with a password.

You need to design your poster having in mind the interaction with the participants - it should be visual, understandable and calling to action. Our tips are to use graphics, tables and diagrams as much as the content needs it to be easily understood. Please note that the content of your poster presentation shall be readeble from 1 meter distance.

Use colors, arrows or text formatting to highlight and show the flow of information.

Don't forget to add your university logo. In the online preview of the poster presentation, your name and contact information will be displayed on the right.

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